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About us


The Grove aims to be a mobile community garden on unused development site (owned by Grosvenor) in the Fountainbridge area and become a catalyst for neighbourhood and community development. Key to the idea is to ensure mobility of the garden and establishing an inclusive, active community.  

The Grove community garden will be inclusive and allow all people, regardless of age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, faith or origin to share in the joy of gardening. The mobile garden will give back to the community by providing education to Edinburgh residents about growing their own produce or taking part in producing community produce. Moreover, we will work to educate and inform participants in best sustainable gardening practice (e.g. informative gardening workshops, seasonal harvest events). As a community, we actively educate ourselves and one another about best gardening practices that will respect our environment and in addition to that encourage biodiversity. Furthermore, we aim to create the garden using as far as possible recycled materials.

The community garden project aims to involve all the members in maintaining the good governance of the organisation and to create community through involving all the members in collective, productive, activity.

How to work together in practice

IMG_1404Let’s be inclusive and welcoming to all

Let’s be friendly and open to visitors

Let’s host regular open days and shared events

Let’s work with local and national partners, groups and organisations

Let’s spread the word

Let’s learn together and share what we have learnt

Let’s be organic and wildlife friendly


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