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Fun events programme opportunity

Let’s build a great and fun event programme

As both Grove 1 and 2 are progressing so well and blossoming into thriving gardens we want to ensure there are a range of activities to draw both gardens communities together over the next few months. These we hope will comprise of educational and social events held by our members and knowledgable outsiders. 

We hope to hold them on the weekday evening or weekend day time of the last week of the month. Normally an 1 to 1.5 hours with a 30 minute social at the end. Starting in either February or March up until September but hopefully extending afterwards. 

So we are wondering if you have any desire to lead an event, we’ve suggested some topics below but we’re not strict on them: 

  • Sustainable gardening; Growing gently upon this world

  • Composting and soil health

  • Seasonal food; organic crop rotation etc.

  • Biodiversity and beastie spotting skills

  • Communal planning and working together

  • Food waste reduction; preserving and storing techniques

  • Genetic plant heritage; seed saving and understanding where seeds come from

  • Plant care; propagation techniques and recognising diseases

  • Working with nature; successional cropping, kind pest management

  • Spreading the word; how to enthuse others about local and homegrown food

If you fancy leading on one, by yourself or with another, then please get in touch with Nim ( or Susanne ( and we can discuss your ideas and make it a plan!



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