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Grove 2 is moving – a little bit

Grove Garden 2 (Gilmore Park) Moves

Grove 2 Community Garden and the other meanwhile projects around us (e.g. the Forge) will be settling into a new home on the NW corner of the site during September – a bit more compact but cosier!

Two new shipping containers will come on site at the end of September to house the Scrapstore and Play area materials and the community wikihouse will go up mid October.

As the Grove Community we need to get our mobile community garden to be truly mobile.

HELP OUT – any day OR come down on Sat 5 Sep and/or Sat 12 Sep. Times to be confirmed- most likely from 10.30 onwards.

Check out the list of things we need to do below – This has been copied onto the black boards in the grove 2 cabin so you can check the progress.

Organisation to prepare for Grove 2 move:

Make communal plots 3 collars deep, make sure they are clearly labelled with a ‘C’ and corresponding number.

All plots need to be clearly numbered alongside any larger pots that going to be moving with them. We need to bear in mind that this is a smaller area.

As small pots are harvested put them into the cabin.

Generally tidy up; there are lots of piles of wood that people need to claim as well as various other items that are on the current Grove 2 site.

It is hoped that all plots can be moved onto the new area.

Gardening tasks

Plant out the rest of the plants which Sarah has nurtured in the cold frames

Weed the communal areas, including the ones in the Sanctuary as the new trees are being choked by dense foliage…

Create a structure to shelter the hoards of tomato plants once they are potted up into larger pots- perhaps use the cold frame tops?

Turn the compost heap and consolidate the two heaps for ease of moving.


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