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Wildflower meadow: new beginnings after bothy fire

The beloved bothy/greenhouse was set on fire in May. The greenhouse was a real piece of art, constructed by many of us together with Maya; putting so much time and effort in. We were all really sad to see the bothy destroyed. No one was hurt and we are happy that gardeners were close by to alarm the police very quickly. Read about the fire on the Third Force News website.

The police is controlling the area and we are all asked to keep our eyes open and report to the police if something happens.

New beginnings

We want to focus on going forward and keep creating beautiful spots and spaces for us to enjoy at our garden.
On the weekend of the 30/31 May some Grovers planted wildflower seeds on the bothy ‘barrow’ , after covering the ashes with soil.  There is a lot of glass in and around the bed, so it’s best to leave it to it’s own devices.

Next: If and when anyone’s strong enough we’ll cover the land around it with artificial turf.

Come to the weekly sessions or the next workday on Sat 6 June to help out. Check out the events.

Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower Meadow


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