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Wormery Action: Help and learn about them

Wormery Action

We need 3-4 people to help care for our worms on a regular (roughly weekly) basis. This means giving them food and bedding as they need it. If you would like to do this please email me on or see me or Wendy at our Harvest Festival on Sunday Oct 12th.

We also need a supply of the following items:worm

– Food: Fruit and veg peelings (not citrus or onions); teabags and coffee grounds, crushed eggshells.

– Bedding (torn up): Plain brown card/cardboard (e.g. toilet rolls/egg boxes), newspaper.

 So if any of you have any of these please put them in the plastic container (food), or plastic bag (bedding) beside the wormery which is in Grove 2 in the new bothy/greenhouse. Please don’t provide anything else. There are more feeding guidelines beside the wormery.

There are also worms in the general compost in Grove 1 and 2, and they need the same food and bedding as the wormery worms. So you can either leave these foods (and just these foods – nothing else) for the wormery – or add them to the general compost.

Feel free to visit the worms anytime – they live just below the surface of the food/bedding.

Ann and Wendy



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