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BBC Gardens from Above

Gardeners – the BBC1 is interested in our garden and will visit us on Monday 25th. How exciting! We are receiving national interest 🙂

This is a chance to put our garden and community gardens in Scotland on the map.

Come along and meet Michael from BBC 1, say hello, talk to him about the garden. Michael wants to find out more about our community garden to see if it fits in the programme. Lets show him!

Monday 25th August – from 7pm at Grove 2 (Gilmore Park) and will probably move to Grove 1 later on.

Summary from Michael:
The programme we’re making is a new series for BBC1 (afternoons) about the UK’s best and loveliest gardens. We’re touring around the UK looking at how the landscape, people, and local climate/topography have shaped the gardens in each area, and finding out what makes them special. We’re filming in 2 formal public gardens for each episode, and also featuring 1 community garden in each area we visit.


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