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Upcoming Events: Jul/Aug

Friday, 25 July (09:00 – 17:00): Bank of Scotland Lloyds Green Team comes to Grove 2

Come along and make a difference at Grove 2. There will be 10-15 people from the Llyods Green Team to help. This is a unique chance to make a visible difference at your garden with the necessary manpower to e.g. lift heavy stuff like the astro turf.

Sunday, 27 July (from 10:00): Positive Health Work Day run on the day by Lorraine Allan
Grove 2

Lorraine organises this day to continue the work she started with all of you. The idea is to advance the accessible gardening. This area is when you come in on the left. With an area like this we could offer wheelchair users or people with less mobility to come to the garden and look after some plants. Help and support please.

Friday, 1 August 2014 (from 18:00): The Grove Community Garden Supper
The Grove 1

The Gardens are starting to see lots of produce coming through…veggies, fruit and herbs and we think that we should meet up one evening, tuck in and enjoy the fruits of our labour together!


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