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Upcoming events

Organise Grove Open Day 2014
When: Wednesday 28 May at 18:00
Where: Grove 2

Please come along to the events team meeting  to share ideas and help get organised for our yearly open day.
Our first doors open day was last year with Grove 1 and it was a huge success.
We chose to do it at the same day as the Canal Festival took place which worked really well as people would just stream to the garden from the Canal Festival.
We can hold the event again during The Canal Festival which takes place on Sat 21st June.

Let’s paint some stones
When: Sunday 1 June at 12:00
Where: Grove 2, if weather is not great the cabin there is big enough to house at least 10 of us.

This an excellent chance to meet fellow gardeners with children and see what they are up to in the garden with their wPepplesee ones. Bring some stones (collect them on the way), some colours.
We can paint veggies, fruit and names on. No limits to our fantasy. Spread the word.


Set up/clean up the area for the Positive Health Group
When: Sunday 8 June at 10:00
Where: Grove 2 (garden behind former rubber mill)

Organised by Lorraine: OK Guys……………calling all kind hearted, community spirited individuals!
On Sunday 8th June, Grove 2 is having a day to set up/clean up the area for the Positive Health Group. This area is to be utilised by persons with disabilities and we need YOUR help to achieve this task!  Building, moving stuff and just general wee things need done.IMG_1467
If YOU can spare the time to make this space SPECIAL, drop me a line on please and indicate if you can make it on FB!
Look forward to hearing from you all………Thanks guys……Lorraine


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