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Open Day a Success For the Community

The Open Day at The Grove Fountainbridge Community Garden in Edinburgh on Saturday 6th July 2013 welcomed over one hundred people to the community garden. Members of the public enjoyed live music, fresh bread and dips and there was also face painting on offer.
A good day was had by all that came and visited the garden. The sunny weather was really making this day a big success. A lot of people had the chance to see the garden and talk to the gardeners about the community garden they are part of.

We’re very pleased with the open day- it was wonderful to see so many people from the local community looking at our garden. The Grove aims to be a community resource for environment, health, fun and learning, and it is great that there is so much interest in the project. We are still only a really small garden but we try to engage with the people which is a lot of fun.
Some pictures of the open day on FlickR.
The Grove also took part in the raft race at the union canal festival which was at the same day. We were certainly not the fastet but we won a price for most creative raft.
Flower Power Raft

Flower Power Raft


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